Sepia is suited to tall, slim women with narrow pelvis and lax fibres and muscles; such a woman is not well built as a woman. A woman who has the hips of a well-built man is not built for child bearing, she cannot perform the functions of a woman without becoming relaxed in the pelvic

Antimonium Crudum

1. Adapted to the extremes of life ; especially to young people inclined to grow fat. 2. Mentals. Great sadness with weeping, especially in intermittents. Sulkiness, no wish to speak to people. In women, sentimental mood even ecstatic love, the moonlight. 3. In children, fretful, peevish disposition ; temper at every little attention : cannot


1. Dark-haired persons of rigid fibre and yellow, sallow complexion. 2. Melancholy mood ; especially after long lasting grief or sorrow ; with easy weeping particularly in children or peevishness and pessimism ; no disposition or ability for physical and mental exertion ; intense sympathy for the sufferings of others. 3. Faint-like sinking of strength


1. Adapted to nervous, excitable temperaments, especially in women and children ; children during dentition ; rheumatic diathesis. 2. Every degree of ill-temper ; fits of spiteful irritability ; uncivil even to best friends (no underlying ill nature like Nux Vom.) ; confesses the fault but repeats it ; affirms “cannot help it, I feel


1. Rheumatic, gouty diathesis. 2. Patient ill-tempered and peevish ; sufferings seem intolerable. 3. Oversensitiveness to all external impressions especially odours. 4. Intense nausea, vomiting, even faintness from the smell of cooking food (Dig.) ; the sight or thought of food sickens. 5. Great abdominal distension from flatulence. 6. Autumnal complaints from damp, etc., especially

Kalium Carbonicum

1. Elderly persons with dark hair, lax fibre, inclined to obesity ; feeble circulation ; anaemic, broken-down constitutions ; tendency to local congestions. 2. Mental slackness and weakness ; disinclined to any exertion ; peevish ; unreasonable apprehensions ; easily frightened ; intolerant of least touch (especially if unexpected) and of pain ; dreads solitude.


1. Tall, lean, dark-complexioned persons ; poorly nourished and subject to bacterial infections ; overgrown girls ; children old-looking and wrinkled ; women at post-climacteric period. 2. Children ill-humoured, peevish, cry for things which they push or throw away on receiving (Staph.). 3. All secretions (especially from mucous surfaces) corrosive, acrid, very offensive, debilitating. Septic

Ledum Palustre

1. Rheumatic, gouty diathesis ; old people ; constitutions suffering from abuse of alcohol. 2. Discontent and peevishness. 3. Alternating complaints, e.g. haemoptysis and rheumatism ; also symptoms appearing diagonally especially upper left and lower right (Ant. t., Agar., Stram. ; upper right lower left – Brom., Medorr., Phos., etc.). 4. Contusions especially about the


1. Scrofulous or syphilitic subjects ; elderly persons. 2. Mental hypersensitiveness ; offended at trifles ; continual concern about the future ; peevishness, sometimes violent temper ; children petulantly push or throw away things for which they cried ; apathy, depression. 3. Ailments from mental emotions especially pride, envy, chagrin, indignation, unmerited insults, etc. 4.

Thuja Occidentalis

1. Fleshy persons ; dark, shiny, greasy complexion especially forehead ; black hair and unhealthy skin ; lymphatic temperament. Hydrogenoid constitution. 2. Depression even to melancholia ; dislikes company ; weary of life, peevish, quarrelsome ; loss of memory ; excitable, always in a hurry. Fantastic fixed ideas : (a) of strange person by his