Another remedy of not very wide range, so far as we have any clinical knowledge, but so far so we do know is invaluable. We know of its use in the advanced stage of serious brain troubles, such as meningitis or any trouble of the brain where is threatened effusion, or effusion already present. Symptoms:


The smell of food cooking nauseates to faintness. Fall dysenteries when the days are warm and nights cold; stools shreddy and bloody, like scrapings. Swelling of joints moving from one place to another; they are often dropsical and pit on pressure; worse in extremes of wet and cold, or warm and dry (Kent. ) *****


Pain in stomach when it is empty, > by eating. Frequent ineffectual desire for stool, from insufficiency or paralytic state of rectum; with sense of lump or plug in anus; with the effort the desire vanishes. Loss of memory; irresistible desire to curse and swear; feels as if he had two wills, one commanding, the other forbidding, to do things.


Inactivity of the rectum; even the soft stool requires great straining. Anæmia in women, who are hungry for starch, chalk, rags, charcoal, cloves and other ridiculous unnatural; things; potatoes disagree, profuse leucorrhœa. Great heaviness in lower limbs, weak, has to sit down; numbness of heels; sense of hot iron thrust through back.


Insecurity of rectum; rectum feels full of heavy fluid, which will fall out, and does, if he does not go to stool immediately. Diarrhea. Solid stool, passing (in large balls) away involuntarily and unnoticed. Great fullness and weight in whole abdomen, with feeling of weight in rectum and hæmorrhoids protruding like a bunch of grapes; > by cold water applied.


Ears, face, nose and skin in general, red and itch as if from chilblains. Twitching in eyelids (especially), face, extremities, even choreaic jerkings, which cease during sleep. Spinal column painful and sensitive to touch, aching extending into the lower limbs.


Is one of our best remedies for vomiting in children. The milk comes up as soon as swallowed, by a great effort, after which the child becomes greatly relaxed and drowsy; or if the milk stays down longer it finally comes up in very sour curds, so large that it would seem almost impossible the child could have ejected them.