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Medorrhinum (Kent's Lectures)
One of the many uses of this remedy is in the inherited complaints of children. The physician of long and active experience meets many obstinate cases in children. The…

Sepia (Kent's Lectures)
Sepia is suited to tall, slim women with narrow pelvis and lax fibres and muscles; such a woman is not well built as a woman. A woman who has…

Sepia (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Tall, slim (not conspicuously thin) women with narrow pelvices dark hair, yellow complexion and characteristic “saddle” ; “washerwoman’s remedy”. 2. Marked indifference even to family ; no enjoyment in…

Tuberculinum (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Fair, blue-eyed subjects ; tall, slim, flat-chested ; blue sclerotic, red lips ; mentally precocious, but physically weak ; child often covered with fine-hairs on chest, back, etc….

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