1. Tall, lean, dark-complexioned persons ; poorly nourished and subject to bacterial infections ; overgrown girls ; children old-looking and wrinkled ; women at post-climacteric period. 2. Children ill-humoured, peevish, cry for things which they push or throw away on receiving (Staph.). 3. All secretions (especially from mucous surfaces) corrosive, acrid, very offensive, debilitating. Septic

Thuja Occidentalis

1. Fleshy persons ; dark, shiny, greasy complexion especially forehead ; black hair and unhealthy skin ; lymphatic temperament. Hydrogenoid constitution. 2. Depression even to melancholia ; dislikes company ; weary of life, peevish, quarrelsome ; loss of memory ; excitable, always in a hurry. Fantastic fixed ideas : (a) of strange person by his