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Correct prescribing is the art of carefully fitting pathogenetic to clinical symptoms, and as such at present requires a special aptness in grasping the essential points of symptom images, great drudgery a mastering a working knowledge of our large Materia Medica or a most skilful use of many books of reference.

It is the aim of this book to simplify and introduce method into this work, so that the truly homœopathic curative remedy may be worked out with greater case and certainty. For this purpose a combination of the analytic and synoptic methods has been thought best.

VIOLA ODORATA (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: Nerves: Eyes. Ears. Vision. Wrists (R). Skin. WORSE: Cloudy weather. Cool air. Music. Puberty. Tension. Nervous activity, then sudden exhaustion. Combined eye, ear and kidney or worm symptoms. ……………….. Pain over brows. Pain l….

VIOLA TRICOLOR (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: Skin. Scalp. Urinary organs. WORSE: Pressing on opposite side. Suppressed eczema. Cracked, gummy crusts on scalp, exuding profuse, tenacious, yellow fluid, matting hair together; with swelled cervical glands. Milk crust. Eczema. Urine smells like cat’s…

VIPERA TORVA (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: VEINS. Blood. WORSE: LETTING LIMB HANG DOWN. Cold. Yearly. Touch. Bursting feeling. Hæmorrhagic tendency. ……………….. Epistaxis. Excruciating pain at epigastrium. Enlarged liver. Fulness and unbearable pain, as if limb would burst; must elevate parts; sits with…

VISCUM ALBUM (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: Female sexual organs. Nerves. WORSE: Becoming chilled while hot. Vertigo; persists after epileptic attack. Vertex; sudden throbbings in. Sore about waist. Milky urine. Bronchial asthma. Blood won’t clot and wounds won’t heal. Related: Bufo.

REGION: Nerves. Respiration. Female sexual organs. Left side. WORSE: Sleeping. Dampness. BETTER: Vomiting. Grinding, shooting, radiating pains. Numb l. side. ……………….. Nervousness. Head threatens to fly to pieces. Throat feels like a hollow cavern. Violent, agonizing, grinding dysmenorrhœal pains,…

ZINC VALERIANICUM (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: Nerves. Ovaries. Spine. BETTER: Rubbing. Oversensitive, nervous and sleepless. Spasmodic nervous effects. Yawning. Hiccough. ……………….. Excitable. Ticking over l. ear. Sour taste in A.M. Flatulent cramps; hypogastric. Mucous colitis. Smothers on attempting to eat….

ZINCUM CHROMATUM (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: Ears. Nose. Throat. Left side. WORSE: MOTION. Lying on back. Washing head. Gnawing, grinding ache. Wandering, shock-like pains. Catching stitches, that impede motion. ……………….. Averse to work; can’t bring herself to it. Inward pressing; in spot on…

ZINCUM IODATUM (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: Heart. Nerves. Valves. WORSE: Lying on L. side. Heat. Jerkings, startings, etc. Lying on left side causes vertigo, palpitation, floating sensation, etc. ……………….. Nose, obstructed at night; blows thick, yellow chunks from; hot, dry nares….

ZINCUM METALLICUM (Boger's Synoptic Key)
REGION: BRAIN AND NERVES: Occiput. Spine. Orbital region. Root of nose. Blood. Inner canthi. WORSE: EXHAUSTION; mental. Suppressions. Noise. Touch. Wine. After being heated. BETTER: Motion. Hard pressure. Warm open air. FREE DISCHARGES. Fagged, enervated or depressed; can’t throw things off; develop exanthema or…

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