REGION: Nerves: Eyes. Ears. Vision. Wrists (R). Skin. WORSE: Cloudy weather. Cool air. Music. Puberty. Tension. Nervous activity, then sudden exhaustion. Combined eye, ear and kidney or worm symptoms. ……………….. Pain over brows. Pain l. eye to vertex, < cough. Cramp in eyes. Otorrhœa. Craves meat. Itching at anus. Milky urine. Enuresis. Weight on chest.


REGION: Skin. Scalp. Urinary organs. WORSE: Pressing on opposite side. Suppressed eczema. Cracked, gummy crusts on scalp, exuding profuse, tenacious, yellow fluid, matting hair together; with swelled cervical glands. Milk crust. Eczema. Urine smells like cat’s urine; involuntary in bed. Emissions, with vivid dreams. Related: Rhus-t.


REGION: VEINS. Blood. WORSE: LETTING LIMB HANG DOWN. Cold. Yearly. Touch. Bursting feeling. Hæmorrhagic tendency. ……………….. Epistaxis. Excruciating pain at epigastrium. Enlarged liver. Fulness and unbearable pain, as if limb would burst; must elevate parts; sits with feet high. Cramps in or blue lower limbs. Varicose veins or ulcers. Phlebitis. Goitre. Related: Elap.


REGION: Female sexual organs. Nerves. WORSE: Becoming chilled while hot. Vertigo; persists after epileptic attack. Vertex; sudden throbbings in. Sore about waist. Milky urine. Bronchial asthma. Blood won’t clot and wounds won’t heal. Related: Bufo.


REGION: Nerves. Respiration. Female sexual organs. Left side. WORSE: Sleeping. Dampness. BETTER: Vomiting. Grinding, shooting, radiating pains. Numb l. side. ……………….. Nervousness. Head threatens to fly to pieces. Throat feels like a hollow cavern. Violent, agonizing, grinding dysmenorrhœal pains, not > in any position; pains go into thighs or radiate over whole body, even to


REGION: Ears. Nose. Throat. Left side. WORSE: MOTION. Lying on back. Washing head. Gnawing, grinding ache. Wandering, shock-like pains. Catching stitches, that impede motion. ……………….. Averse to work; can’t bring herself to it. Inward pressing; in spot on bregma. Throbbing temples; behind ears. Wavering vision. Bad odor within nose. Blows quantities of blood, pus and


REGION: Heart. Nerves. Valves. WORSE: Lying on L. side. Heat. Jerkings, startings, etc. Lying on left side causes vertigo, palpitation, floating sensation, etc. ……………….. Nose, obstructed at night; blows thick, yellow chunks from; hot, dry nares. Goitre; presses inwardly. Myocardial exhaustion. Lower limbs feel as if floating. Cramps in calves, in ankles; must press feet


REGION: BRAIN AND NERVES: Occiput. Spine. Orbital region. Root of nose. Blood. Inner canthi. WORSE: EXHAUSTION; mental. Suppressions. Noise. Touch. Wine. After being heated. BETTER: Motion. Hard pressure. Warm open air. FREE DISCHARGES. Fagged, enervated or depressed; can’t throw things off; develop exanthema or discharges, etc. Increasing weakness; < eating; with restlessness. Isolated effects; one


REGION: Nerves. Ovaries. Spine. BETTER: Rubbing. Oversensitive, nervous and sleepless. Spasmodic nervous effects. Yawning. Hiccough. ……………….. Excitable. Ticking over l. ear. Sour taste in A.M. Flatulent cramps; hypogastric. Mucous colitis. Smothers on attempting to eat. Ovarian or dysmenorrhœal pains, down limbs; during and after menses. Achings up back. Chills after mental excitement or exertion. Cold