REGION: Nerves. Ovaries. Spine. BETTER: Rubbing. Oversensitive, nervous and sleepless. Spasmodic nervous effects. Yawning. Hiccough. ……………….. Excitable. Ticking over l. ear. Sour taste in A.M. Flatulent cramps; hypogastric. Mucous colitis. Smothers on attempting to eat. Ovarian or dysmenorrhœal pains, down limbs; during and after menses. Achings up back. Chills after mental excitement or exertion. Cold


1. Rheumatic, gouty diathesis. 2. Patient ill-tempered and peevish ; sufferings seem intolerable. 3. Oversensitiveness to all external impressions especially odours. 4. Intense nausea, vomiting, even faintness from the smell of cooking food (Dig.) ; the sight or thought of food sickens. 5. Great abdominal distension from flatulence. 6. Autumnal complaints from damp, etc., especially