Thuja Occidentalis

1. Fleshy persons ; dark, shiny, greasy complexion especially forehead ; black hair and unhealthy skin ; lymphatic temperament. Hydrogenoid constitution.

2. Depression even to melancholia ; dislikes company ; weary of life, peevish, quarrelsome ; loss of memory ; excitable, always in a hurry. Fantastic fixed ideas : (a) of strange person by his side, (b) of separation of soul and body, (c) of animal or something alive in the abdomen, (d) of brittleness, as if body and limbs made of glass, (e) of domination by some superior power.

3. Sycosis and vaccinosis ; ailments from vaccination (especially diarrhoea), suppressed gonorrhoeas (especially rheumatic arthritis) and chronic effects of tea-drinking, meat-eating and smoking.

4. Chronic headaches with mental confusion ; pain dull or as if pierced by a nail (Coffea, Ignatia) ; < morning on waking or evening at bedtime, preventing sleep ; > open air. Vertigo on closing the eyes (Lachesis, Theridion).

5. Chronic muco-purulent discharges ; green, sanious, offensive ; often with ulceration of mucous membrane.

6. Alimentary disorders ; (a) pyorrhea with caries of teeth ; roots decay, crowns relatively sound ; (b) constipation, stool recedes after partial expulsion ; large, hard, black balls ; with piles, pain < when sitting ; fissures at anus, etc. ; (c) diarrhoea, sudden, copious, explosive gurgling ; < early a.m.

7. Overgrowths of mucous and cutaneous tissue ; papillomata, fibromata, condylomata, figwarts, polypi, etc., soft, humid with unpleasant secretion, bleed easily ; also styes, tarsal tumours, etc.

8. Skin, looks dirty ; nails deformed, brittle ; hair falls out or splits ; eruptions only on covered parts. Sweats only on uncovered parts or all over except head (rev. Silicea) ; while asleep, stops on waking (rev. Sambuccus) ; sweats at all the orifices (Nitricum acidum). Pustular eruptions.

9. Left-sided ovaritis especially chronic ; < during menstrual period, must lie down ; periods usually premature, scanty.

10. Modalities : < damp, especially cold, damp air, bathing, etc. ; < heat of bed ; sometimes prefers cold to heat ; < morning and continues throughout the day ; or after 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. ; narcotics.

Note : Use with care during pregnancy as it tends to produce abortion.

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