1. Scrofulous or syphilitic subjects ; elderly persons.

2. Mental hypersensitiveness ; offended at trifles ; continual concern about the future ; peevishness, sometimes violent temper ; children petulantly push or throw away things for which they cried ; apathy, depression.

3. Ailments from mental emotions especially pride, envy, chagrin, indignation, unmerited insults, etc.

4. Caries of the teeth ; at edges ; in scrofulous or syphilitic children ; in women during pregnancy ; toothache during menstrual period < touch of food or drink, not on biting or chewing.

5. Sexual disorders with hypersensitiveness of generative organs ; mental and physical effects of onanism and excesses ; guilty, abashed look ; mind persistently dwells on sexual subjects.

6. Prostatic troubles in old men ; burning in urethra when not urinating ; urging and pain after, in women, prolapse of uterus with relaxed, hanging-down feeling in abdomen, wants to support with hands ; backache always < night in bed and in morning before rising.

7. Injuries from sharp cutting instruments, glass, etc. ; neuralgias after surgical operations.

8. Moist itching eruptions ; after scratching, burning and itching appear elsewhere ; figwarts, condylomata, etc.

9. Affections of the eyelids ; styes, tumours, nodosities, chalazae, etc.

10. Modalities ; < cold ; least touch affected parts ; mental emotions ; < tobacco especially the cough.

Note : Inimical to Ranunculus bulbosus.

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