1. Rheumatic, gouty diathesis.

2. Patient ill-tempered and peevish ; sufferings seem intolerable.

3. Oversensitiveness to all external impressions especially odours.

4. Intense nausea, vomiting, even faintness from the smell of cooking food (Dig.) ; the sight or thought of food sickens.

5. Great abdominal distension from flatulence.

6. Autumnal complaints from damp, etc., especially mucous colitis with discharge containing large quantities of small, white, shreddy particles ; dysentery.

7. Sensation of burning or of icy coldness internally ; with coldness of body surface even cold sweat.

8. Arthritic complaints especially of small joints ; powerlessness of the part ; severe tearing pains, < motion, touch and at night ; tendency to change locality especially from left to right.

9. Dropsical conditions, particularly of cavities and internal organs. Kidney disorders with black, bloody albuminous urine.

10. Modalities ; < damp, touch, motion, at night, mental exertion. and especially from odours.

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