Zincum Metallicum

Persons suffering from cerebral and nervous exhaustion; defective vitality; brain or nerve power wanting; too weak to develop exanthemata or menstrual function, to expectorate, to urinate; to comprehend, to memorize. Incessant and violent fidgety feeling in feet or lower extremities; must move them constantly. Always feels better every way as soon as the menses begin

Magnesia muriatica

It would seem rather strange that the two remedies to which Hahnemann gave such a good start by proving and use should be so neglected and forgotten as Magnesia carb. and Magnesia mur. have been. These two, if used, would cure many of the liver troubles that are not now cured. Magnesia mur. could cure

Natrum carbonicum

Proved by Hahnemann, Hering and others. Persons who are in the habit of taking carbonate of soda for sour stomach get a proving of this remedy. I have met some of these people and been able to confirm many Natrum symptoms. Old dyspeptics who are always belching and have sour stomach and rheumatism; after twenty

Nux vomica

Everywhere in this remedy we observe the striking oversensitiveness of the patient; it is brought out in all the symptoms. Irritable; oversensitive to noise, to light, to the least current of air, to his surrounding; extremely touchy in regard to his food; many kind of food disturb, strong food disturb; he is aggravated by meat;

Aesculus Hippocastanum

1. Fullness in various parts ; venous congestions. 2. Irritability, feels and is miserably cross. 3. Mucous membranes dry, swollen, burning, feel raw ; sometimes thin, watery, acrid discharges ; mouth, throat and rectum particularly affected. 4. Rectal disorders with char. fullness, burning and dryness, rectum feels as if full of sticks or splinters ;

Argentum Nitricum

1. Subjects withered, old-looking through disease, especially after unusual or, long-continued mental exertion ; children. 2. Hypochondriasis ; lacks self-confidence ; apprehensive, hurried, discontented ; time passes slowly ; suicidal impulses. 3. General debility with nervous tremors. 4. Strange sensations ; (a) of expansion in various parts, (b) as of splinter, especially in the throat,


1. Complaints with renal or vesical symptoms predominating ; especially rheumatic and arthritic affections. 2. Renal colic ; with passage of calculi ; stitching, cutting pains kidney region following course of ureter into bladder and urethra ; especially left side. 3. Bilious and gastro-intestinal disorders, especially hepatic colic from passage of gall-stones ; with jaundice.

Kalium Carbonicum

1. Elderly persons with dark hair, lax fibre, inclined to obesity ; feeble circulation ; anaemic, broken-down constitutions ; tendency to local congestions. 2. Mental slackness and weakness ; disinclined to any exertion ; peevish ; unreasonable apprehensions ; easily frightened ; intolerant of least touch (especially if unexpected) and of pain ; dreads solitude.

Lac caninum

1. Nervous, restless, highly sensitive temperament. 2. Patient forgetful, absent-minded ; drops letters and words in writing ; cannot concentrate ; intense despondency – a chronic “blue” condition ; attacks of rage ; fears solitude, death, insanity, falling down stairs, etc. 3. Symptoms erratic ; change from side to side every few hours or days