Rumex crispus

Rumex, the yellow dock, is a neglected remedy, and one that has been only partially proved. The mental symptoms have not been brought out, but the catarrhal symptoms have been well expressed by provers. There is a state of sadness; low spirited; aversion to work; irritable; mental excitability. This includes about all the mental state


Whenever the symptoms that are representative of the patient himself have been suppressed in any case of syphilis, and nothing remains but weakness and a few results of the storm that has long ago or recently passed, this nosode will cause reaction and restore order and sometimes do much curing, and the symptoms that must

Carbo Vegetabilis

1. Cachectic, venous, sluggish, even stupid, old people. Persons whose vitality is weakened by exhausting diseases, loss of body fluids, or injuries. 2. Mental torpor ; memory weak ; indolence ; fear of the dark. 3. Extreme prostration ; last stages in any disease with hippocratic face ; blueness ; cold feet and legs to


1. Dark-haired persons of rigid fibre and yellow, sallow complexion. 2. Melancholy mood ; especially after long lasting grief or sorrow ; with easy weeping particularly in children or peevishness and pessimism ; no disposition or ability for physical and mental exertion ; intense sympathy for the sufferings of others. 3. Faint-like sinking of strength


XANTOXYLUM FRAXINEUM – Prickly Ash – (XANTHOXYLUM) Its specific action is on the nervous system and mucous membranes. Paralysis, especially hemiplegia. Painful hæmorrhages, after-pains, neuralgic dysmenorrhœa, and rheumatic affections, offer a therapeutic field for this remedy, especially in patients of spare habit and nervous, delicate organization. Indigestion from over-eating or from too much fluid. Sluggish