Benzoicum Acidum

1. Uric acid diathesis especially if gonorrhoeal or syphilitic taint. 2. Urine dark, brownish with intensely strong, odour in urinary or other complaints. 3. Rheumatic and arthritic conditions ; gouty concretions ; tearing stitching joint pains, < cold open air, > wrapping up ; ganglia. 4. Diarrhoea in children ; profuse, watery, very offensive, exhausting

Thuja Occidentalis

1. Fleshy persons ; dark, shiny, greasy complexion especially forehead ; black hair and unhealthy skin ; lymphatic temperament. Hydrogenoid constitution. 2. Depression even to melancholia ; dislikes company ; weary of life, peevish, quarrelsome ; loss of memory ; excitable, always in a hurry. Fantastic fixed ideas : (a) of strange person by his