Aesculus Hippocastanum

1. Fullness in various parts ; venous congestions. 2. Irritability, feels and is miserably cross. 3. Mucous membranes dry, swollen, burning, feel raw ; sometimes thin, watery, acrid discharges ; mouth, throat and rectum particularly affected. 4. Rectal disorders with char. fullness, burning and dryness, rectum feels as if full of sticks or splinters ;

Aloe Socotrina

1. Phlegmatic indolent persons ; old people ; women near climaxis ; tendency to local congestions. 2. Periodic and alternating complaints ; e.g. congestive headache in winter, diarrhoea in summer. 3. Diarrhoea spluttery, immediately after eating and drinking (Croton) ; drives out of bed early a.m. (Sulphur) ; abdominal distension with rumbling and colic before

Benzoicum Acidum

1. Uric acid diathesis especially if gonorrhoeal or syphilitic taint. 2. Urine dark, brownish with intensely strong, odour in urinary or other complaints. 3. Rheumatic and arthritic conditions ; gouty concretions ; tearing stitching joint pains, < cold open air, > wrapping up ; ganglia. 4. Diarrhoea in children ; profuse, watery, very offensive, exhausting


1. Complaints with renal or vesical symptoms predominating ; especially rheumatic and arthritic affections. 2. Renal colic ; with passage of calculi ; stitching, cutting pains kidney region following course of ureter into bladder and urethra ; especially left side. 3. Bilious and gastro-intestinal disorders, especially hepatic colic from passage of gall-stones ; with jaundice.


1. Great restlessness with anguish (Arsenicum) ; cannot keep still ; sits then walks, then lies down, never long in one place. 2. Solitude unbearable ; craves company ; child wants to hold mother’s hand continually. 3. Gastric disorders especially gastralgia ; pain severe, burning, pressive, extending to spine ; vomiting ; of water as


1. Acts best in persons with light-blue eyes, flaxen hair, fair skin ; blonde, red-cheeked, scrofulous girls (ctr. lodum). 2. Inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract especially upper part ; croupous conditions with much rattling of mucus during cough ; severe suffocative attacks ; spasmodic constriction of larynx ; hoarseness ; chest pains running upwards ;

Cactus Grandiflorus

1. Fear of death (more persistent than in Aconite) especially in plethoric persons subject to local congestions. 2. Constrictive sensation as of hoop in various organs ; of whole body as if caged, each wire being twisted tighter and tighter ; with numbness. 3. Cardiac troubles, acute and chronic, with characteristic constriction ; heart feels


1. Wounds of all kinds especially cuts or lacerations of soft parts ; with or without loss of substance ; promotes healthy granulation and prevents excessive suppuration ; after surgical operations. 2. Old, neglected, offensive wounds, threatening gangrene ; much sloughing of soft parts. 3. Rupture of muscles or tendons, with much soreness and pain


1. Fair persons of plethoric habit ; phlegmatic, indolent, dread cold, open air, exercise, and society ; clumsy, fat, dirty children. 2. Burning, smarting pains and sensations not > by heat ; especially of mucous membranes ; associated with constriction and chilliness. 3. Throat conditions < when not swallowing (Ignatia) especially in smokers and alcoholics.

Carbo Animalis

1. Diseases of elderly persons with marked venous plethora ; feeble circulation, no vital heat ; want of energy ; dislikes conversation and company. 2. Glands, indurated, swollen, even ulcerated ; with lancinating, burning pains ; tendency to malignancy ; scirrhus, bluish appearance, especially axillary, mammary and inguinal glands. 3. Discharges gen. offensive and always