Aloe Socotrina

1. Phlegmatic indolent persons ; old people ; women near climaxis ; tendency to local congestions. 2. Periodic and alternating complaints ; e.g. congestive headache in winter, diarrhoea in summer. 3. Diarrhoea spluttery, immediately after eating and drinking (Croton) ; drives out of bed early a.m. (Sulphur) ; abdominal distension with rumbling and colic before

Argentum Nitricum

1. Subjects withered, old-looking through disease, especially after unusual or, long-continued mental exertion ; children. 2. Hypochondriasis ; lacks self-confidence ; apprehensive, hurried, discontented ; time passes slowly ; suicidal impulses. 3. General debility with nervous tremors. 4. Strange sensations ; (a) of expansion in various parts, (b) as of splinter, especially in the throat,


1. Cerebral congestions especially from exposure to sun or radiated heat ; from mental excitement ; at climaxis ; face may be pale or congested even to dusky appearance. Sunstroke. 2. Mental confusion ; familiar things seem strange, loses his way ; after injuries, etc. 3. Throbbing pulsation all through head with every pulse beat


1. Scrofulous subjects especially women with tendency to unhealthy corpulence ; sluggish, “pasty” habit. At Climaxis. 2. Great sadness and despondency with inclination to weep especially at hearing music ; apprehension, mind dwells upon death. Children acute and impudent, laugh at reprimands. 3. Marked debility with anaemic conditions. Sexual debility from abuse. 4. Unhealthy skin


1. Dark, phlegmatic subjects ; or women with red hair and freckled complexion, especially at climaxis ; also broken-down constitutions. 2. Extreme alternations, mind and sensorium, (a) Mental activity with almost prophetic perception ; ecstasy ; loquacity with rapid change of subject especially when delirious ; hurry and flurry ; delusion of voices, etc. (b)


1. Young people ; women at climaxis. 2. No marked mentals except hopeful state in phthisical patients. 3. Various headaches ; periodic, especially every seventh day ; begin occiput, spread upwards and settle over right eye ; often end in vomiting ; < at menstrual period and at climaxis sick headaches begin morning, increase during


1. Tall, slim (not conspicuously thin) women with narrow pelvices dark hair, yellow complexion and characteristic “saddle” ; “washerwoman’s remedy”. 2. Marked indifference even to family ; no enjoyment in life ; sits and say, nothing ; occasional fits of temper, then spiteful, obstinate and touchy. Melancholy, inspired by proud, stoical self-pity ; < consolation


1. Scrofulous, plethoric persons with very red lips ; subject to skin eruptions especially acne ; hasty in temper and motion ; often untidy and dirty – “ragged philosopher” – spare, stoop-shouldered, slack, shiftless, sensitive, sedentary. Emaciated children with big bellies, intolerant of bathing and covering ; often dirty habits. 2. Mental and physical inertia