Aloe Socotrina

1. Phlegmatic indolent persons ; old people ; women near climaxis ; tendency to local congestions.

2. Periodic and alternating complaints ; e.g. congestive headache in winter, diarrhoea in summer.

3. Diarrhoea spluttery, immediately after eating and drinking (Croton) ; drives out of bed early a.m. (Sulphur) ; abdominal distension with rumbling and colic before and during stool > passing flatus and stool but prostration and sweating.

4. Constipation, solid stool passes without exertion or unnoticed ; passage of mucus in jelly-like lumps. Haemorrhoids protrude like bunch of grapes after each stool with bleeding, bearing down, itching, burning, > cold applications.

5. Modalities ; < hot, dry weather ; < walking and standing, > open air ; > cool applications.

Dr. AG Clarke

Aloe Socotrina
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