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Chininum arsenicosum (Kent's Lectures)
Complaints come on at night. Open air aggravates most complaints. General increasing anemia. Inflamed parts turn black. Chlorosis. Sensitive to cold, and complaints are worse from cold and from…

Tarentula hispanica (Kent's Lectures)
The terrible poison should never be used except in attenuations. The nervous manifestations of this remedy are almost indescribable and too numerous to mention. Anxiety and restlessness are words…

Glonoine (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Cerebral congestions especially from exposure to sun or radiated heat ; from mental excitement ; at climaxis ; face may be pale or congested even to dusky appearance….

ZINCUM VALERIANICUM (Boericke's Materia Medica)
ZINCUM VALERIANICUM – Valerinate of Zinc – (ZINCUM VALERIANUM) A remedy for neuralgia, hysteria, angina pectoris, and other painful affections, notably in ovarian affections. Epilepsy without aura. Hysterical heart-pain. Facial…

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