Cuprum metallicum

Cuprum is pre-eminently a convulsive medicine. The convulsive tendency associates itself with almost every complaint that Cuprum creates and cures. It has convulsions in every degree of violence, from the mere twitching of little muscles and of single muscles to convulsions of all the muscles of the body. When these are coming on the earliest


There are three things that stand out most prominently in Kreosotum, and when they appear together the symptoms in minor degree will be likely to be associated. These three characteristics are: 1. Excoriating discharges; 2. Pulsations all over the body, and 3. Profuse bleeding from small wounds. When these three things are associated in a


Lachesis is a frequently indicated remedy, and one that you will need to study much in order to know how to use. Lachesis seems to fit the whole human race, for the race is pretty well filled up with snake as to disposition and character and this venom only causes to appear that which is

Plumbum metallicum

This drug illustrates a doctrine of Hahnemann – the doctrine of attenuation. When you think of the insolubility of lead, and then think of it as spread on the wall of a room, and then remember how many become sick from sleeping in a newly painted room, you will then wonder how much lead it


1. Wounds of all kinds especially cuts or lacerations of soft parts ; with or without loss of substance ; promotes healthy granulation and prevents excessive suppuration ; after surgical operations. 2. Old, neglected, offensive wounds, threatening gangrene ; much sloughing of soft parts. 3. Rupture of muscles or tendons, with much soreness and pain


1. Fair persons of plethoric habit ; phlegmatic, indolent, dread cold, open air, exercise, and society ; clumsy, fat, dirty children. 2. Burning, smarting pains and sensations not > by heat ; especially of mucous membranes ; associated with constriction and chilliness. 3. Throat conditions < when not swallowing (Ignatia) especially in smokers and alcoholics.


1. Dark, phlegmatic subjects ; or women with red hair and freckled complexion, especially at climaxis ; also broken-down constitutions. 2. Extreme alternations, mind and sensorium, (a) Mental activity with almost prophetic perception ; ecstasy ; loquacity with rapid change of subject especially when delirious ; hurry and flurry ; delusion of voices, etc. (b)

Secale Cornutum

1. Tall, thin, scrawny, feeble women of lax muscular fibre ; old, decrepit subjects. 2. Extreme debility with restlessness, great anxiety and fear of death. 3. Collapse in choleroid and other diseases, hippocratic face with contortion especially about the mouth ; skin cold to touch yet external warmth, covering, etc., intolerable. 4. Passive haemorrhages ;