The complaints of Phosphorus are most likely to arise in the feeble constitutions, such as have been born sick, grown up slender, and grown too rapidly. Its complaints are found in such as are emaciated, and in those who are rapidly emaciating; in children who are going into marasmus, and in persons who have in


1. Cerebral congestions especially from exposure to sun or radiated heat ; from mental excitement ; at climaxis ; face may be pale or congested even to dusky appearance. Sunstroke. 2. Mental confusion ; familiar things seem strange, loses his way ; after injuries, etc. 3. Throbbing pulsation all through head with every pulse beat

Natrum Carbonicum

1. Anaemic, emaciated subjects with pale face, glue-ringed eyes, dilated pupils, etc. 2. Intense melancholy and apprehension ; mental slackness and inability to think ; irritability ; dislikes society especially men ; easily startled. 3. Great debility ; heaviness of whole body ; short walk greatly fatigues. 4. Ailments from exposure to sun, also artificial


VERATRUM VIRIDE – White American Hellebore Paroxysms of auricular fibrillation. Induces fall of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Congestions, especially to lungs, base of brain, with nausea and vomiting. Twitchings and convulsions. Especially adapted to full-blooded, plethoric persons. Great prostration. Rheumatism of heart. Bloated, livid face. Furious delirium. Effects of sunstroke. Œsophagitis. (Farrington). Verat