Ferrum phosphoricum

Great weakness, and desire to lie down. Nervous at night. Rheumatic conditions. While it has been used by Schussler’s followers for the first stage of inflammatory fevers, it is useful in the higher potencies in chronic diseases, and is a deep acting anti-psoric. It could not be less than the Ferrum and Phosphoric acid that

Kali phosphoricum

The symptoms of this remedy are worse morning, evening, and during the night. The over-sensitive, nervous, delicate persons, worn out from long suffering, much sorrow and vexation, and prolonged mental work; also such as are broken down from sexual excesses and vices. It is a long-acting antipsoric. Anemic and chlorotic patients. Most complaints are worse

Argentum Nitricum

1. Subjects withered, old-looking through disease, especially after unusual or, long-continued mental exertion ; children. 2. Hypochondriasis ; lacks self-confidence ; apprehensive, hurried, discontented ; time passes slowly ; suicidal impulses. 3. General debility with nervous tremors. 4. Strange sensations ; (a) of expansion in various parts, (b) as of splinter, especially in the throat,

Chelidonium majus

1. Thin. fair-complexioned subjects with tendency to gastric and hepatic complaints. 2. Hypochondriasis with lethargy ; drowsiness and debility. 3. Constant pain under the lower angle of right shoulder blade. 4. Hepatic soreness diseases swelling with or without the characteristic pain ; soreness, swelling and pain in liver region ; tongue coated or clay-coloured yellow

Lycopodium Clavatum

1. Patients intellectually keen but physically weak ; emaciation upper part of body ; sedentary habit ; mentally absorbed ; complexion often sallow ; prematurely old in appearance. Children precocious, weakly. 2. Mental powers failing ; fatigue and forgetfulness ; uses wrong words, etc. ; hypochondriasis with irritability ; emotionally sensitive ; lachrymose ; apprehensive


1. Light-haired, irresolute persons of phlegmatic temperament ; often scrofulous or syphilitic. 2. Hypochondriasis ; indifferent to everything and everyone ; angry at trifles but soon sorry. 3. Vesicular and pustular eruptions, especially after vaccination ; copious exudation of thick pus over which tough scabs form ; appear especially about the face and head ;

Nux Vomica

1. Dark, sallow, spare subjects of passionate temperament ; sedentary brain workers ; chronic dyspeptics addicted to stimulants ; victims of drug habits, drastic medicines, excesses, etc. 2. Hypochondriasis with irascibility and impatience ; spiteful and malicious or sullen and surly, thinks everyone is against him ; melancholy > alone especially from relatives ; “spasmodic”


1. Persons with sallow, greasy-looking complexion ; dark, “bilious” individuals with sunken cheeks ; cadaverous appearance. 2. Intellectual torpor ; apathy ; loss of memory ; unable to find proper word ; hypochondriasis with irritability : religious melancholia ; thinks much about physical health especially his digestion. 3. Anaemia with great lassitude ; excessive and


ZINCUM METALLICUM – Zinc – (ZINC) – The provings picture cerebral depression. The word “fag” covers a large part of zinc action. Tissues are worn out faster than they are repaired. Poisoning from suppressed eruptions or discharges. The nervous symptoms of most importance. Defective vitality. Impending brain paralysis. Period of depression in disease. Spinal affections.


ZIZIA AUREA – Meadow Parsnip – (THASPIUM AUREUM – ZIZIA) Hysteria, epilepsy, chorea, hypochondriasis, come within the sphere of this remedy. Mind.–Suicidal; depressed; laughing and weeping moods alternate. Head.–Pressure on top, in right temple, associated with backache. Male.–Great lassitude following coitus. Sexual power increased. Female.–Intermittent neuralgia of left ovary. Acrid, profuse leucorrhœa, with retarded menses.