Argentum Nitricum

1. Subjects withered, old-looking through disease, especially after unusual or, long-continued mental exertion ; children.

2. Hypochondriasis ; lacks self-confidence ; apprehensive, hurried, discontented ; time passes slowly ; suicidal impulses.

3. General debility with nervous tremors.

4. Strange sensations ; (a) of expansion in various parts, (b) as of splinter, especially in the throat, (c) as if objects project towards the patient.

5. Catarrhal conditions of the mucous membranes ; profuse, muco-purulent discharges (Puls.) and ulceration.

6. Gastric ailments with much flatulence and violent difficult belchings ; < food ; great craving for sweets which <.

7. Diarrhoeas ; psychic (Gels.) ; catarrhal, spluttering, grass-green, < drinking, sweets ; also dysentery, advanced cases.

8. Spinal complaints ; sensitiveness of the spine ; defective co-ordination of muscles especially of lower limbs ; lightning-like pains ; epileptiform convulsions ; paralysis.

9. Metrorrhagia with nervous erethism at climaxis.

10. Patient < heat, must have fresh air yet chilly when uncovered ; < mental exertion ; at menstrual period ; pains especially headache < dancing > tight pressure ; backache > standing.

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