The action of Silica is slow. In the proving, it takes a long time to develop the symptoms. It is, therefore, suited to complaints that develop slowly. At certain times of the year and under certain circumstances peculiar symptoms will come out. They may stay with the prover the balance of his life. Such are


REGION: Nerves: Eyes. Ears. Vision. Wrists (R). Skin. WORSE: Cloudy weather. Cool air. Music. Puberty. Tension. Nervous activity, then sudden exhaustion. Combined eye, ear and kidney or worm symptoms. ……………….. Pain over brows. Pain l. eye to vertex, < cough. Cramp in eyes. Otorrhœa. Craves meat. Itching at anus. Milky urine. Enuresis. Weight on chest.


1. Deep-seated sycotic chronic affections especially after maltreated or suppressed gonorrhoea, when best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve. 2. Patient lachrymose ; cannot speak without weeping ; always anticipating events, even death ; memory weak ; mentally sensitive ; irritable, impatient. 3. Intensely restless and fidgety legs and feet (Zincum metallicum) ;


1. Tall, slim (not conspicuously thin) women with narrow pelvices dark hair, yellow complexion and characteristic “saddle” ; “washerwoman’s remedy”. 2. Marked indifference even to family ; no enjoyment in life ; sits and say, nothing ; occasional fits of temper, then spiteful, obstinate and touchy. Melancholy, inspired by proud, stoical self-pity ; < consolation


VERBASCUM THAPSUS – Mullein – (VERBASCUM) – Has a pronounced action on the inferior maxillary branch of the fifth pair of the cranial nerves; on the ear; and respiratory tract and bladder. Catarrhs, and colds, with periodical prosopalgia. Quiets nervous, and bronchial, and urinary irritation, and cough. Face.–Neuralgia affecting zygoma, temporo maxillary joint, and ear


VIOLA ODORATA – Violet Has a specific action on the ear. Affects especially dark-haired patients; supra-orbital and orbital regions; rheumatism in upper parts of the body when on the right side. Worm affections in children (Teuc). Locally, for pain due to uterine fibroids. Also against snake-bites, bee-stings. Tension extends to upper half of face and