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Ferrum arsenicum (Kent's Lectures)
Complaints in general are aggravated in the morning, on waking; afternoon; evening; night, before midnight, after midnight. Aversion to the open air; aggravation in the open air. General physical…

Laurocerasus (Kent's Lectures)
The many strange constitutional symptoms indicate feeble circulation and weak heart. Great general coldness, that is not ameliorated by external warmth. It is like wrapping up a dead man….

Rhododendron (Kent's Lectures)
This is a very useful remedy in gouty patients who suffer from rheumatic pains, sometimes wandering from joint to joint, aggravated during rest, aggravated before and during storms, aggravated…

Rhus toxicodendron (Kent's Lectures)
The complaints of this remedy come on from cold damp weather, from being exposed to cold damp air when perspiring. The patient is sensitive to cold air and all…

Tarentula hispanica (Kent's Lectures)
The terrible poison should never be used except in attenuations. The nervous manifestations of this remedy are almost indescribable and too numerous to mention. Anxiety and restlessness are words…

Cicuta Virosa (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Spasmodic affections especially convulsions with loss of consciousness ; pupils dilated, insensible ; frightful contortions of limbs and whole body ; opisthotonos ; frothing at mouth, etc. ;…

Cimicifuga (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Thin, single women with rheumatic tendencies and nervous, hysterical temperament. 2. Unstable mental state constantly relapsing into profound depression ; anxiety and fears of death, insanity, nature and extent…

Cina (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Children (especially dark-haired) with worm affections ; pale face, white about the mouth, boring of nose with finger, grinding of teeth at night, restless sleep, hunger, fever, etc. 2….

Crocus Sativus (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Rapid alternation of mental states ; true hysteria ; sudden change from greatest hilarity to deepest gloom ; extremely happy, affectionate, wants to kiss everybody, next moment in…

Ignatia Amara (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Nervous, hysterical women ; dark hair and complexion ; pale, wan, drawn appearance ; disposition mild but easily excited ; quick in perception, rapid in execution (ctr. Puls.). 2….

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