The smell of food cooking nauseates to faintness. Fall dysenteries when the days are warm and nights cold; stools shreddy and bloody, like scrapings. Swelling of joints moving from one place to another; they are often dropsical and pit on pressure; worse in extremes of wet and cold, or warm and dry (Kent. ) *****


1. Tall, lean, stooping, dark-complexioned subjects sanguine, choleric temperament. 2. Generally cheerful disposition but subject to fits of temper though without spitefulness ; variable moods. 3. Hyperaesthesia of the special senses. 4. Oversensitiveness to pain which seems insupportable, driving to despair. 5. III-effects (especially hysteria or insomnia) of sudden mental emotions, especially pleasurable surprises. 6.

Magnesia Carbonica

1. Subjects of lax fibre especially children ; nervous temperament constitutions worn out by long strain and anxiety. 2. Irritable disposition. 3. Mental and physical sensitiveness. 4. Sour smell of whole body ; all excretions tend to sourness. 5. Neuralgias with lightning-like pains ; of face < left side, < at night ; insupportable during

Ruta Graveolens

1. Mechanical injuries of bones and periosteum ; sprains, dislocations, with bruised pains ; lameness after sprains especially of wrists and ankles ; ganglia ; flat foot. 2. Bruised, lame sensation all over, < limbs and joints ; parts lain on are painful as if bruised : even in rheumatic complaints. 3. Ailments from overstraining


ZINCUM METALLICUM – Zinc – (ZINC) – The provings picture cerebral depression. The word “fag” covers a large part of zinc action. Tissues are worn out faster than they are repaired. Poisoning from suppressed eruptions or discharges. The nervous symptoms of most importance. Defective vitality. Impending brain paralysis. Period of depression in disease. Spinal affections.


Pain in stomach when it is empty, > by eating. Frequent ineffectual desire for stool, from insufficiency or paralytic state of rectum; with sense of lump or plug in anus; with the effort the desire vanishes. Loss of memory; irresistible desire to curse and swear; feels as if he had two wills, one commanding, the other forbidding, to do things.