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Kalium Bromatum (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Large, fleshy people, particularly children and young persons. Patients suffering from brain fag with numb feeling in head as if would lose reason ; loss of memory, forgets…

Silicea (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Subjects of light complexion and fine, dry skin ; paleface, lax fibre ; nervous, sanguine temperament ; lacking in “grit”. Specially suited to scrofulous, rachitic children with large…

X-RAY (Boericke's Materia Medica)
X-RAY – Vial containing alcohol exposed to X-Ray – Repeated exposure to Roentgen (X-ray) has produced skin lesions often followed by cancer. Distressing pain. Sexual glands are particularly affected….

ZINCUM METALLICUM (Boericke's Materia Medica)
ZINCUM METALLICUM – Zinc – (ZINC) – The provings picture cerebral depression. The word “fag” covers a large part of zinc action. Tissues are worn out faster than they…

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