1. Chilly, nervous women especially if with “moth patches” on forehead (Sepia). 2. Internal trembling. 3. Spasmodic disorders of female system ; dysmenorrhoea with irregular spasmodic pains and bearing down, especially. left ovarian region (almost specific, cp. : Magnesia phosphorica, Viburnum). In labour with rigid os. Pains spasmodic, irregular and ineffectual, nervous excitement ; after-pains. … Read more

Cicuta Virosa

1. Spasmodic affections especially convulsions with loss of consciousness ; pupils dilated, insensible ; frightful contortions of limbs and whole body ; opisthotonos ; frothing at mouth, etc. ; spasms renewed by touch, noise, jarring ; followed by great exhaustion ; from indigestion, dentition, worms, repercussed eruptions, etc. ; epilepsies, choreas. 2. Abnormal appetite for … Read more

Crotalus Horridus

1. Adynamic conditions in general, especially low, malignant fevers ; great prostration, low muttering delirium, tongue dry, brown, cracked or yellow with brown centre and red edges, etc. Bubonic and pneumonic plague. 2. Hemorrhagic tendencies ; from any or all orifices, from gums, under skin, nails, etc. 3, Septicemic states ; zymotic or septic poisonings … Read more


1. Cardiac diseases with great anxiety ; dyspnoea, sudden sensation as if heart stood still ; pulse feeble, irregular, fluttering, intermittent or extremely slow ; any motion especially rising from bed or chair causes rapid, weak jerky pulse and sometimes cyanosis, even syncope. 2. Patient low-spirited, tearful ; likes consolation ; anxiety even apart from … Read more


1. Phlegmatic scrofulous subjects with low vitality, children who dislike sweets. 2. Various complaints (catarrhal, rheumatic, dropsical, etc.) from exposure to or < by damp, cold atmosphere (Lemna, Natrum sulfuricum) especially sudden changes in hot weather (Bryonia alba), < evening and night. 3. Suppression of discharges or retrocession of eruptions from damp air, working in … Read more

Eupatorium Perfoliatum

1. Worn-out constitutions ; from inebriety ; from bilious or intermittent fevers. 2. Diseases characterized by intense aching pains in bones as if broken, and bruised feeling all over the body surface. 3. Intermittent fevers ; bone pains before and during chill ; violent headache ; vomiting, from drink of water, of bile as chill … Read more

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