Heart disease - Homeopathic Books

Cactus Grandiflorus (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Fear of death (more persistent than in Aconite) especially in plethoric persons subject to local congestions. 2. Constrictive sensation as of hoop in various organs ; of whole body…

Digitalis (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Cardiac diseases with great anxiety ; dyspnoea, sudden sensation as if heart stood still ; pulse feeble, irregular, fluttering, intermittent or extremely slow ; any motion especially rising…

Spongia Tosta (Clarke’s Pentachords)
1. Fair-complexioned women and children of lax fibre timid and sensitive ; tubercular diathesis. 2. Marked anxiety, even terror, in nearly all complaints ; gen. assoc. with the suffocative attacks. 3….

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