1. Cardiac diseases with great anxiety ; dyspnoea, sudden sensation as if heart stood still ; pulse feeble, irregular, fluttering, intermittent or extremely slow ; any motion especially rising from bed or chair causes rapid, weak jerky pulse and sometimes cyanosis, even syncope. 2. Patient low-spirited, tearful ; likes consolation ; anxiety even apart from … Read more

Spongia Tosta

1. Fair-complexioned women and children of lax fibre timid and sensitive ; tubercular diathesis. 2. Marked anxiety, even terror, in nearly all complaints ; gen. assoc. with the suffocative attacks. 3. Great dryness of mucous membranes in respiratory tract cough with no mucous rale, dry, sibilant, “like a saw through pine-board” ; < sweets, cold … Read more

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