Magnesia Phosphorica

1. Tired, languid, worn-out subjects, especially dark-complexioned, emaciated persons of highly nervous organization. 2. Neuralgic pains, darting, lightning-like in character, > warm applications, pressure, friction ; < touch, cold air, cold water, uncovering ; paroxysmal pains of all kinds except burning. 3. Complaints purely spasmodic in character ; no fever ; etc. ; in teething … Read more

Mercurius Corrosivus

1. Invaluable in violent, acute destructive inflammations (phagedenic tendencies) of any part, especially of mucous membranes ; catarrhal, scrofulous, gonorrheal, syphilitic. 2. Typical dysentery ; scanty stools of pure mucus tinged or streaked with blood, colicky pains extreme, persistent tenesmus and burning ; often accompanied by tenesmus of bladder ; no > stool. 3. Acute … Read more

Muriaticum Acidum

1. Low, adynamic fevers ; typhoid states with great debility, involuntary discharges, lower jaw hangs down, slides down in bed, sordes on teeth, tongue dry, shrunken, leather-like, paralyzed ; pulse feeble, breath offensive. 2. Ulcerations of gastro-intestinal mucous membranes with greyish-white deposits ; ulcers extremely sensitive to touch, deep, perforating, bluish or black base, bleed … Read more


1. Sapraemic and septicaemic conditions when best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve ; onset of septic fevers with chill beginning in back, or general chill ; pulse very rapid, small, wiry ; may be out of all proportion to temperature ; distinct consciousness of a heart. 2. Bed feels hard ; parts … Read more

Ranunculus Bulbosus

1. Neuralgic, myalgic or rheumatic pains ; stitching, shooting, especially in chest walls ; < damp weather, atmospheric changes. 2. Intercostal rheumatism ; chest sore, bruised < touch, motion, turning body ; pleurodynia. 3. Herpes zoster ; dark-bluish transparent vesicles ; preceded or followed by the characteristic neuralgic pains. 4. Hay fever ; smarting, burning … Read more


1. Light-haired, anaemic, debilitated subjects of rheumatic diathesis ; scrofulous children with worm troubles, especially when stammering results ; fear of sharp, pointed things. 2. Violent neuralgic pains, chiefly left-sided, beginning one point and radiating all directions ; from sunrise increasing till noon, then declining till sunset ; fifth pair nerves specially involved ; eye … Read more

Spongia Tosta

1. Fair-complexioned women and children of lax fibre timid and sensitive ; tubercular diathesis. 2. Marked anxiety, even terror, in nearly all complaints ; gen. assoc. with the suffocative attacks. 3. Great dryness of mucous membranes in respiratory tract cough with no mucous rale, dry, sibilant, “like a saw through pine-board” ; < sweets, cold … Read more


1. Young plethoric persons who desire light and company, dread the dark and solitude. 2. Acute manias and deliriums, great terror, attempts to escape, hallucinations especially of terrible animals ; great rage with screaming, biting and scratching ; loquacity, constant praying and entreating ; staring, brilliant eyes, widely dilated pupils ; strange imaginations, e.g. of … Read more

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