One who makes a study of the proving of Hypericum will be reminded of a class of injuries involving sentient nerves, and it is not surprising that this remedy has come into use for the results of such injuries. The surgery of Homeopathy largely involves the use of Arnica, Rhus tox., Ledum, Staphisagria, Calcarea and

Cicuta Virosa

1. Spasmodic affections especially convulsions with loss of consciousness ; pupils dilated, insensible ; frightful contortions of limbs and whole body ; opisthotonos ; frothing at mouth, etc. ; spasms renewed by touch, noise, jarring ; followed by great exhaustion ; from indigestion, dentition, worms, repercussed eruptions, etc. ; epilepsies, choreas. 2. Abnormal appetite for

Hyoscyamus Niger

1. Acute mania ; patient, talkative, quarrelsome, gen. lascivious, exposes the person, etc. ; in the between state, suspicious depression ; fears solitude, poison, plots. Ailments from jealousy, unfortunate love, mental emotions. 2. Delirium during course of acute diseases ; temperature not markedly high ; restless, picks bedclothes, etc. ; beclouded senses ; staring eyes

Natrum Sulphuricum

1. Hydrogenoid constitutions ; subjects with sycotic history. 2. Depression ; lively music saddens ; satiety of life ; irritability, especially when spoken to ; inability to think. 3. Mental traumatism ; mental effects of blow on the head, etc. 4. Catarrhs of mucous membranes with free discharge of greenish-yellow muco-pus ; sometimes bloody. 5.

Veratrum Viride

1. Plethoric subjects. 2. Furious deliriums ; screaming and howling. 3. Sudden, intense local congestions especially to base of brain, spine, chest, stomach ; also of pelvis, dysmenorrhoea (Caulophyllum) ; coup-de-soleil. (In French in the text). 4. Acute febrile diseases with great arterial excitement ; convulsions often precede eruptions ; acute rheumatism. 5. Tongue white