Euphrasia is a short acting remedy of great usefulness in acute catarrhal affections with or without fever. Headaches that occur with coryza and eye symptoms, head aches in the evening as if bruised. Stitching pain in the head. Head aches as if the head would burst with dazzling of the eyes from sunlight. These are

Eupatorium Perfoliatum

1. Worn-out constitutions ; from inebriety ; from bilious or intermittent fevers. 2. Diseases characterized by intense aching pains in bones as if broken, and bruised feeling all over the body surface. 3. Intermittent fevers ; bone pains before and during chill ; violent headache ; vomiting, from drink of water, of bile as chill


1. Acute catarrhal affections especially of eyes and nose ; profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse bland coryza (rev. Allium cepa) ; often assoc. soreness and pressive pain behind sternum and hacking cough with free mucous expectoration ; cough only during daytime, < on rising a.m. ; influenza ; whooping cough. 2. Conjunctivitis ; acute with


1. Neurotic, hysterical subjects especially women and children. Nervous symptoms predominate in all complaints. 2. Mental and bodily lassitude ; dull, drowsy, dizzy ; wishes to be let alone ; may be desire to throw herself from a height ; or desire for expression in speech or writing with sense of increased power especially of


1. Acute, sub-acute and chronic rheumatism ; pains severe, suddenly change locality, going from joint to joint, with numbness, gen. < early part of night or soon after going to bed. 2. Cardiac diseases assoc. with rheumatism or in post influenza conditions ; violent shooting, stabbing pains ; palpitation ; great dyspnoea ; slow, weak