Globus hystericus - Homeopathic Books

Moschus (Kent's Lectures)
Moschus cures many hysterical girls who have come to adult age without ever learning what obedience means. They are self-willed, obstinate and selfish. When they have been encouraged to…

Valerian (Kent's Lectures)
This remedy cures many nervous and hysterical phenomena in excitable women and children, and the complaints of the hypochondriac. Great nervous excitability, exaltation, hysterical contracture, trembling, palpitation, sense of…

Ignatia Amara (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Nervous, hysterical women ; dark hair and complexion ; pale, wan, drawn appearance ; disposition mild but easily excited ; quick in perception, rapid in execution (ctr. Puls.). 2….

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