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Ferrum metallicum (Kent's Lectures)
We will take up the study of Ferrum metallicum. The Old School has been giving Iron for anemia throughout all tradition. They have given it in great quantities, in…

Laurocerasus (Kent's Lectures)
The many strange constitutional symptoms indicate feeble circulation and weak heart. Great general coldness, that is not ameliorated by external warmth. It is like wrapping up a dead man….

Mercurius (Kent's Lectures)
The pathogenesis of Mercury is found in the provings of Merc. viv. and Merc. sol., two slightly different preparations, but not different enough to make any distinction in practice….

Phosphorus (Kent's Lectures)
The complaints of Phosphorus are most likely to arise in the feeble constitutions, such as have been born sick, grown up slender, and grown too rapidly. Its complaints are…

Spongia tosta (Kent's Lectures)
The mental symptoms of Spongia show that it is a heart remedy. When a remedy produces the anxiety, fear, and dyspnea found in Spongia, it will most likely turn…

Aethusa Cynapium (Allen's Keynotes)
Especially for children during dentition in hot summer weather; children who cannot bear milk. Great weakness; children cannot stand; unable to hold up the head (Abrot.); prostration with sleepiness. Idiocy…

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