Sulphur is such a full remedy that it is somewhat difficult to tell where to begin. It seems to contain a likeness of all the sicknesses of man, and a beginner on reading over the proving of Sulphur might naturally think that he would need no other remedy, as the image of all sickness seems


This remedy cures many nervous and hysterical phenomena in excitable women and children, and the complaints of the hypochondriac. Great nervous excitability, exaltation, hysterical contracture, trembling, palpitation, sense of levitation, paroxysmal respiration, stitching pains, tension in the limbs, jerking, twitching, globus hystericus. Sensation of something warm rising from the stomach, causing paroxysmal suffocation. All the


REGION: Nerves: Eyes. Ears. Vision. Wrists (R). Skin. WORSE: Cloudy weather. Cool air. Music. Puberty. Tension. Nervous activity, then sudden exhaustion. Combined eye, ear and kidney or worm symptoms. ……………….. Pain over brows. Pain l. eye to vertex, < cough. Cramp in eyes. Otorrhœa. Craves meat. Itching at anus. Milky urine. Enuresis. Weight on chest.


REGION: BRAIN AND NERVES: Occiput. Spine. Orbital region. Root of nose. Blood. Inner canthi. WORSE: EXHAUSTION; mental. Suppressions. Noise. Touch. Wine. After being heated. BETTER: Motion. Hard pressure. Warm open air. FREE DISCHARGES. Fagged, enervated or depressed; can’t throw things off; develop exanthema or discharges, etc. Increasing weakness; < eating; with restlessness. Isolated effects; one


1. Neurotic, hysterical subjects especially women and children. Nervous symptoms predominate in all complaints. 2. Mental and bodily lassitude ; dull, drowsy, dizzy ; wishes to be let alone ; may be desire to throw herself from a height ; or desire for expression in speech or writing with sense of increased power especially of


1. Sanguine, thin, dark-haired women of rigid fibre. 2. Alternating mental states ; peculiar arrogance and illusionary greatness ; sometimes impulses to injure or even kill persons previously cared for (often distresses patient). Melancholy mood ; life wearisome yet fears death which she thinks near ; long sulks ; vexation at trifles. 3. Physical and


VERBASCUM THAPSUS – Mullein – (VERBASCUM) – Has a pronounced action on the inferior maxillary branch of the fifth pair of the cranial nerves; on the ear; and respiratory tract and bladder. Catarrhs, and colds, with periodical prosopalgia. Quiets nervous, and bronchial, and urinary irritation, and cough. Face.–Neuralgia affecting zygoma, temporo maxillary joint, and ear