REGION: BRAIN AND NERVES: Occiput. Spine. Orbital region. Root of nose. Blood. Inner canthi. WORSE: EXHAUSTION; mental. Suppressions. Noise. Touch. Wine. After being heated. BETTER: Motion. Hard pressure. Warm open air. FREE DISCHARGES. Fagged, enervated or depressed; can’t throw things off; develop exanthema or discharges, etc. Increasing weakness; < eating; with restlessness. Isolated effects; one

Bryonia alba

1. Dark persons of firm, fleshy fibre ; choleric temperament ; bilious and rheumatic tendencies. 2. Fevers. Patient lies like a log, < least movement, resents any interference or questioning ; at night, active delirium or broken sleep ; disturbed about immediately personal concerns ; vague, inconstant desires ; wants to go home (Act., Hyos,).


1. Children and old people of lax fibre ; fair-complexioned ; also indicated in drunkards. 2. Ailments from fright especially where fear still remains ; fear of impending death. 3. All complaints with great sopor ; no pain, no complaint, no desires. 4. Low types of fever ; mild delirium, constant talking, eyes wide open,