BRAIN AND NERVES: Occiput. Spine. Orbital region.
Root of nose.
Inner canthi.

After being heated.

Hard pressure.
Warm open air.

Fagged, enervated or depressed; can’t throw things off; develop exanthema or discharges, etc. Increasing weakness; < eating; with restlessness. Isolated effects; one part numb, another sensitive; formication; pain in spots; between skin and flesh, etc. Transverse pains. Automatic acts. Tremor. Jerkings; nightly. Spasm. Shootings. Descending paralysis. Disabling bone pains. Bloody discharges. ……………….. Fretful and sensitive; cries if vexed. Easily startled, excited or intoxicated. Muddled. Forgetful; repeats the question, then answers. Brain-fag. Screams; if moved; during sleep; with pain, etc. Violent vertigo; with stupor. Headache of varying intensity; pressive on vertex or root of nose; into eyes; with weak vision; < warmth, > hard pressure. Temples; heavy ache in; pain, < biting. Occiput; dragging, down back; as of a blow on, then weak legs; heat in. Crashing in head on falling to sleep. Rolls head and grinds teeth. Brain paralysis. Hair painful; on vertex; bristles. Eyes feel drawn together. Squint. Lachrymation on eating. Pterygium. Swelled nose. Pale, bluish, miserable face. Sticky lips. Bitter mouth. Voracity. As of a lump in liver region or at navel. Hypogastric flatulence. Itching at anus during stool. Piles draw down, > heat < walking; ulcerate. Violent urging but urinates only in certain positions, bending backward, crossing limbs, etc.; blood follows urine. Pressive cutting about kidneys. Grasps genitals; with each cough, etc. Sexual excitement. Onanism; during menses. Profuse, lumpy menses. Pain (boring) in l. ovary. Spasmodic dyspnœa, < flatulency > expectoration. Bursting, one hard throb or as of a cap over heart. Hard heart beat. Constricted chest. Nape tired; < mental exertion; lame, then stupor. Spine aching, burning along, < sitting; sensitive; inter-scapular cutting, > eructations; weak lumbar, < standing. Spasms, from spinal injuries. Pains in limbs on becoming heated. Hands tremble; eczema on. CAN’T KEEP FEET AND LEGS STILL; cramp when cold. Toes feel swelled; sore; ache in tips. Sensitive soles. Bones of feet feel broken. Sweaty feet, with sore toes. Stumbling. Spastic gait. Varicoses; painful; chronic; on genitals. Broken, unrefreshing sleep.

Antidote: Tab.
Complementary: Pul.
Related: Ign. Kali-p. Lach. Pic-ac.

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