Natrum Sulphuricum

1. Hydrogenoid constitutions ; subjects with sycotic history. 2. Depression ; lively music saddens ; satiety of life ; irritability, especially when spoken to ; inability to think. 3. Mental traumatism ; mental effects of blow on the head, etc. 4. Catarrhs of mucous membranes with free discharge of greenish-yellow muco-pus ; sometimes bloody. 5.


1. Fair-complexioned subjects who take cold easily. 2. Irritability and quarrelsomeness ; trifles offend. 3. Low fevers with delirium ; patient imagines there is another person in the bed ; that he is double ; that two babies are in the bed beside her. 4. Occipital vertigo or headache with pressure and heaviness like lead.


1. Rheumatic subjects especially if mercurio-syphilitic history. 2. Indifference to life ; feels sure will die. 3. Aching, bruised soreness in all the muscles especially of head, back and limbs ; patient must move yet motion <. 4. Pains, “rheumatic,” shooting, lancinating ; flying like electric shocks ; rapidly shift locality ; < motion, damp,


1. Fair, blue-eyed subjects ; tall, slim, flat-chested ; blue sclerotic, red lips ; mentally precocious, but physically weak ; child often covered with fine-hairs on chest, back, etc. Tubercular diathesis. 2. Despondency with irritability ; patient taciturn, sulky ; disposition naturally sweet but changed by disease ; desires constant change ; fears dogs. 3.


VIOLA TRICOLOR – Pansy The principal uses of this remedy are for eczema in childhood and nocturnal emission accompanied by very vivid dreams. Head.–Heavy, pressing-outward pain. Eczema of scalp, with swollen glands. Face hot and sweating after eating. Throat.–Much phlegm, causing hawking; worse in the air. Swallowing difficult. Urinary.–Copious; disagreeable, cat-like odor. Male.–Swelling of prepuce,


ZINCUM METALLICUM – Zinc – (ZINC) – The provings picture cerebral depression. The word “fag” covers a large part of zinc action. Tissues are worn out faster than they are repaired. Poisoning from suppressed eruptions or discharges. The nervous symptoms of most importance. Defective vitality. Impending brain paralysis. Period of depression in disease. Spinal affections.