Natrum Carbonicum

1. Anaemic, emaciated subjects with pale face, glue-ringed eyes, dilated pupils, etc.

2. Intense melancholy and apprehension ; mental slackness and inability to think ; irritability ; dislikes society especially men ; easily startled.

3. Great debility ; heaviness of whole body ; short walk greatly fatigues.

4. Ailments from exposure to sun, also artificial light ; chronic effects of sunstroke or overstudy.

5. Gastric disorders with great acidity ; large appetite ; < after vegetable diet, starchy foods ; discomfort > while eating.

6. Bearing down pains in female pelvic organs.

7. Chronic catarrhal conditions of all mucous membranes ; gen. with copious secretion of thick mucus, usually yellowish-green ; much nasal mucus passes through the mouth ; < daytime, slightest draught, > sweating.

8. Ankles weak, give way when walking ; easy dislocation and springing.

9. Skin dry, rough, chapped especially dorsi of hands and feet ; chronic dry eczemas.

10. Patient < during thunder-storm (from electrical changes not timidity) ; excessive summer heat yet dislikes open air ; < mental exertion, music ; between meals.

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