If you will observe the weather conditions in sharp climates, such as Minnesota, Massachusetts and Canada, you will find that the cold spells are very intense and that people, when exposed, come down with complaints very rapidly and violently. That is the way the Bell. and Acon. cases come on, but Gelsemium complaints do not

Hepar sulphur

The Hepar patient is chilly. He is sensitive to the cold and wants an unusual amount of clothing when in cold air. He wants the sleeping room very warm and can endure much heat in the room, many degrees warmer than a healthy person ordinarily desires. He has no endurance in the cold and all


This remedy, in all of its complaints whether acute or chronic, has a peculiar kind of anxiety that is felt both in mind and body. It seems also that this state of anxiety is attended with a thrill that goes throughout his frame unless he removes it by motion or change of position. The anxiety


Moschus cures many hysterical girls who have come to adult age without ever learning what obedience means. They are self-willed, obstinate and selfish. When they have been encouraged to resort to crafty cunning, to have every whim gratified from infancy to eighteen years of age they become fit subjects for Mosch., Asaf., Ignatia and Valer.

Spongia tosta

The mental symptoms of Spongia show that it is a heart remedy. When a remedy produces the anxiety, fear, and dyspnea found in Spongia, it will most likely turn out to be a cardiac remedy, unless these conditions are connected with irritation and inflammatory diseases of the brain. In this drug we find without any


1. Strong, healthy, full-blooded person of quick, lively. sanguine temperament. 2. Emotional, mental and physical tension ; hyperaesthesia, of the special senses. 3. Onset of sthenic fevers, characterized by (a) intense anxiety with prediction and fear of death, causing restlessness and tossing about ; (b) strong, full, rapid pulse ; (c) dry, hot skin and


1. Acts best in persons with light-blue eyes, flaxen hair, fair skin ; blonde, red-cheeked, scrofulous girls (ctr. lodum). 2. Inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract especially upper part ; croupous conditions with much rattling of mucus during cough ; severe suffocative attacks ; spasmodic constriction of larynx ; hoarseness ; chest pains running upwards ;

Hepar Sulphur

1. Scrofulous subjects, leucophlegmatic, inactive, slow ; systems injured by mercury (first remedy). 2. Intense mental and physical hypersensitiveness ; trifles make him angry ; intolerance of pain, touch and even a draught of air. 3. General sourness and foetidness of all excretions, especially in children. 4. Profuse and easy sweating especially about the chest


1. Scrofulous subjects ; dark hair and eyes ; dirty yellow skin ; never fat ; especially children. 2. Patient excitable, restless, impulsive. 3. General sluggishness of patient and symptoms. 4. Great debility and emaciation in spite of voracious appetite ; after shock or emotional strain ; unaccountable sense of weakness and loss of breath

Kalium Bichromicum

1. Scrofulous, fat, fair subjects, disposed to catarrhal troubles. 2. No very characteristic mental symptoms. 3. Catarrhal conditions of any mucous membrane with tough, tenacious, ropy discharges, gen. yellow ; also tough membranes on mucous surfaces. 4. Ulcerations especially of mucous membranes ; solitary, penetrating, punched-out appearance ; usually with foetid, cheesy exudation ; also