1. Subjects of light complexion and fine, dry skin ; paleface, lax fibre ; nervous, sanguine temperament ; lacking in “grit”. Specially suited to scrofulous, rachitic children with large sweaty head and big abdomen ; open fontanelles and sutures ; weak ankles, slow learning to walk, etc.

2. Patient anxious, yielding, timid (Pulsatilla) but irritable if aroused ; melancholy, lachrymose, desires consolation ; lacks self-confidence but gets through by force of will. Children often obstinate and headstrong but cry when spoken to kindly (lodum). Frightful dreams ; somnambulism.

3. Hypersensitiveness, mental and physical, especially to noise.

4. Chronic headaches, vertigo and cold sensations from nape of neck to vertex ; headache from spine extending over head and locating over one eye especially the right (Sanguinaria.) ; < draught, uncovering ; > pressure, wrapping up, profuse urination, lying down in quiet, dark room.

5. Constipation from paralytic weakness of rectum ; stool partly expelled then recedes (Thuja) ; before and during menses ; distension of abdomen with emission of offensive flatus ; dislikes fat, < milk.

6. Unhealthy skin ; every injury suppurates ; indurations, scars and thickenings ; malformation of nails ; ingrowing toe nails ; promotes expulsion of foreign bodies from the tissues. Bad effects of vaccination (Thuja).

7. Suppurations especially long-lasting ; of glands and joints ; matures abscesses (low potencies) and heals after discharge ; streptococcal infections ; chronic ulceration fistulae ; whitlows.

8. Offensive sweats especially of the feet ; ailments from suppression of sweat or any discharges ; feet and hands clammy.

9. Sticking, stitching, stabbing pains, gen., < motion.

10. Lack of vital heat ; icy coldness of various parts ; < cold especially at approach of winter ; < during new and waxing moon ; all symptoms > warmth (except gastric) ; especially > wrapping up the head ; approach of summer, humid weather.

Notes : Incompatible with Mercury.

Chronic of Pulsatilla.

Slow but deep-acting remedy : use cautiously in phthisical cases.

Avoiding high potencies.

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