REGION: Nerves. Ovaries. Spine. BETTER: Rubbing. Oversensitive, nervous and sleepless. Spasmodic nervous effects. Yawning. Hiccough. ……………….. Excitable. Ticking over l. ear. Sour taste in A.M. Flatulent cramps; hypogastric. Mucous colitis. Smothers on attempting to eat. Ovarian or dysmenorrhœal pains, down limbs; during and after menses. Achings up back. Chills after mental excitement or exertion. Cold


1. Acts best in sanguine, plethoric subjects. 2. Oversensitiveness to pain ; great fear of being touched or struck by anyone coming near, especially in gout and rheumatic conditions. 3. Bruised, sore feeling all over ; bed feels too hard (Bapt.). 4. Injuries especially to soft parts ; bruises (Ham.) ; strains (Rhus) ; concussions


1. Adapted to nervous, excitable temperaments, especially in women and children ; children during dentition ; rheumatic diathesis. 2. Every degree of ill-temper ; fits of spiteful irritability ; uncivil even to best friends (no underlying ill nature like Nux Vom.) ; confesses the fault but repeats it ; affirms “cannot help it, I feel


1. Tall, lean, stooping, dark-complexioned subjects sanguine, choleric temperament. 2. Generally cheerful disposition but subject to fits of temper though without spitefulness ; variable moods. 3. Hyperaesthesia of the special senses. 4. Oversensitiveness to pain which seems insupportable, driving to despair. 5. III-effects (especially hysteria or insomnia) of sudden mental emotions, especially pleasurable surprises. 6.


1. Rheumatic, gouty diathesis. 2. Patient ill-tempered and peevish ; sufferings seem intolerable. 3. Oversensitiveness to all external impressions especially odours. 4. Intense nausea, vomiting, even faintness from the smell of cooking food (Dig.) ; the sight or thought of food sickens. 5. Great abdominal distension from flatulence. 6. Autumnal complaints from damp, etc., especially

Cuprum Metallicum

1. Prostration with nervous trembling particularly as a result of mental strain and loss of sleep. 2. Patient ill-natured, angry, spiteful ; mentally and physically oversensitive. 3. Cramps, convulsions and spasmodic affections generally. Clonic spasms beginning in fingers and toes. Epilepsies without any clear symptoms or where aura begins in knees and ascends. 4. Paralysis