Crotalus horridus

The first impression would be to rebel against the use of such substances as Crotalus, Lachesis, Apis and other animal poisons, and it” is true that ” the lay mind must look with something like horror upon their administration; but when they are properly used and when we consider the dreadfulness of the necessity demanding

Sulphur iodatum

This is a very profound and long-acting remedy affecting all parts of the body with aggravations morning, afternoon, evening, NIGHT, and after midnight. Desires open air, which ameliorates the most of his symptoms. There is an indescribable feeling throughout the body like a general physical anxiety, which compels him to hurry in all his work

Ruta Graveolens

1. Mechanical injuries of bones and periosteum ; sprains, dislocations, with bruised pains ; lameness after sprains especially of wrists and ankles ; ganglia ; flat foot. 2. Bruised, lame sensation all over, < limbs and joints ; parts lain on are painful as if bruised : even in rheumatic complaints. 3. Ailments from overstraining