Arsenicum Album

1. Fat, plethoric persons ; usually dark ; easy disposition to diarrhoea, vegetarians ; old people. 2. Combination of sadness and irritability ; sometimes suicidal tendency ; great fastidiousness ; fear of the dark ; < alone ; hyperaesthesia of the special senses. 3. In adynamic fevers ; rapid and great prostration yet marked restlessness … Read more


1. Sanguine, ruddy persons with dark hair and eyes ; old people ; scrofulous or mercurio-syphilitic subjects. 2. Profound melancholia with desire for death and suicidal tendencies ; often connected with liver troubles in men ; with uterine troubles in women. 3. Specially adapted to pining boys, low-spirited, lifeless. lacking vim ; testes undeveloped. 4. … Read more


1. Low, septic fevers with great prostration and muttering delirium ; face dark red ; vacant, stupid, even besotted expression 2. Great mental confusion ; sensation of divided personality expressed in various ways, e.g. body feels scattered, tries to collect the pieces. Concentration difficult (falls asleep while being spoken to or while answering question). 3. … Read more

Baryta Carbonica

1. Dwarfish, ill-nourished children or childish old people ; scrofulous subjects especially when fat. 2. Mental and body ; weakness ; semi-imbecility. 3. Great tendency to glandular swellings and indurations, especially of tonsils, acute and chronic ; also fatty tumours. 4. Patient easily catches cold, especially in the throat ; subject to quinsy. 5. Paralysis … Read more


1. Plethoric persons inclined to obesity and subject to sudden congestions of the head ; happy when well, violent when sick. 2. Brain symptoms predominate ; (a) wild delirium ; fantastic illusions or rage with destructive mania ; (b) constant moaning, starting or jumping in or on going to sleep, even to springing out of … Read more


1. Children at dentition period ; young women. 2. Excessive nervousness ; slightest sudden noise frightens. 3. Great dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints ; child clings to nurse and cries when it is being put down. 4. Aphthous ulcerations of mucous membranes ; of mouth with heat, tenderness, great thirst, etc., prevents … Read more

Calcarea Phosphorica

1. Thin, spare subjects with dark complexion, and inclined to emaciate. Scrofulous, rachitic children during first and especially second dentition. (Heads sweats not so prominent a symptom as in Calc. carb. and Silicea). Girls at or near puberty. 2. Sunken, flabby abdomen in children with general emaciation and inability to stand. 3. Gastro-intestinal disorders < … Read more


1. Scrofulous children are most sensitive to this remedy : blonde type. 2. Great praecordial anxiety and restlessness. 3. Sudden and complete prostration of the vital forces ; hippocratic face, husky voice, etc., even after surgical operations. 4. Body surface cold yet patient does not feel cold and cannot bear covering (with less suddenness, Secale). … Read more

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