Arsenicum Album

1. Fat, plethoric persons ; usually dark ; easy disposition to diarrhoea, vegetarians ; old people. 2. Combination of sadness and irritability ; sometimes suicidal tendency ; great fastidiousness ; fear of the dark ; < alone ; hyperaesthesia of the special senses. 3. In adynamic fevers ; rapid and great prostration yet marked restlessness


1. Sanguine, ruddy persons with dark hair and eyes ; old people ; scrofulous or mercurio-syphilitic subjects. 2. Profound melancholia with desire for death and suicidal tendencies ; often connected with liver troubles in men ; with uterine troubles in women. 3. Specially adapted to pining boys, low-spirited, lifeless. lacking vim ; testes undeveloped. 4.


1. Low, septic fevers with great prostration and muttering delirium ; face dark red ; vacant, stupid, even besotted expression 2. Great mental confusion ; sensation of divided personality expressed in various ways, e.g. body feels scattered, tries to collect the pieces. Concentration difficult (falls asleep while being spoken to or while answering question). 3.

Baryta Carbonica

1. Dwarfish, ill-nourished children or childish old people ; scrofulous subjects especially when fat. 2. Mental and body ; weakness ; semi-imbecility. 3. Great tendency to glandular swellings and indurations, especially of tonsils, acute and chronic ; also fatty tumours. 4. Patient easily catches cold, especially in the throat ; subject to quinsy. 5. Paralysis


1. Plethoric persons inclined to obesity and subject to sudden congestions of the head ; happy when well, violent when sick. 2. Brain symptoms predominate ; (a) wild delirium ; fantastic illusions or rage with destructive mania ; (b) constant moaning, starting or jumping in or on going to sleep, even to springing out of


1. Children at dentition period ; young women. 2. Excessive nervousness ; slightest sudden noise frightens. 3. Great dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints ; child clings to nurse and cries when it is being put down. 4. Aphthous ulcerations of mucous membranes ; of mouth with heat, tenderness, great thirst, etc., prevents

Bryonia alba

1. Dark persons of firm, fleshy fibre ; choleric temperament ; bilious and rheumatic tendencies. 2. Fevers. Patient lies like a log, < least movement, resents any interference or questioning ; at night, active delirium or broken sleep ; disturbed about immediately personal concerns ; vague, inconstant desires ; wants to go home (Act., Hyos,).

Calcarea Carbonica

1. Leucophlegmatic subjects ; “fair, fat, flabby” ; Children with tendency to grow fat ; large head and abdomen ; slow development of mind and body ; slow and imperfect ossification (difficult, delayed dentition, open fontanelles, etc.). Girls who grow too rapidly. 2. Anxiety of mind ; all kinds of nervous apprehensions with difficulty expressed

Calcarea Phosphorica

1. Thin, spare subjects with dark complexion, and inclined to emaciate. Scrofulous, rachitic children during first and especially second dentition. (Heads sweats not so prominent a symptom as in Calc. carb. and Silicea). Girls at or near puberty. 2. Sunken, flabby abdomen in children with general emaciation and inability to stand. 3. Gastro-intestinal disorders <


1. Scrofulous children are most sensitive to this remedy : blonde type. 2. Great praecordial anxiety and restlessness. 3. Sudden and complete prostration of the vital forces ; hippocratic face, husky voice, etc., even after surgical operations. 4. Body surface cold yet patient does not feel cold and cannot bear covering (with less suddenness, Secale).