Anacardium orientale

1. Persons of sedentary habits suffering from brain-fag ; nervous, hysterical women especially during pregnancy. 2. Mentals. Patients distressed by sudden loss of memory ; lacks self-confidence ; fears inability to “get through” (Arg. Nit., Lyc.) ; paradoxical temper laughs at serious matters, serious over laughable things ; great suspicion. Dual personality, as of two


1. Low, septic fevers with great prostration and muttering delirium ; face dark red ; vacant, stupid, even besotted expression 2. Great mental confusion ; sensation of divided personality expressed in various ways, e.g. body feels scattered, tries to collect the pieces. Concentration difficult (falls asleep while being spoken to or while answering question). 3.

Nux Moschata

1. Women and children of nervous, hysterical temperament ; old people. 2. Rapid change of moods ; absent-mindedness, loss of memory ; thoughts vanish while writing ; talking, etc. ; sense of double personality ; visionary dreamy states ; indifference. 3. Hypersensitiveness to all external stimuli. 4. Great drowsiness with nearly all complaints ; dizziness


1. Young plethoric persons who desire light and company, dread the dark and solitude. 2. Acute manias and deliriums, great terror, attempts to escape, hallucinations especially of terrible animals ; great rage with screaming, biting and scratching ; loquacity, constant praying and entreating ; staring, brilliant eyes, widely dilated pupils ; strange imaginations, e.g. of