1. Children at dentition period ; young women.

2. Excessive nervousness ; slightest sudden noise frightens.

3. Great dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints ; child clings to nurse and cries when it is being put down.

4. Aphthous ulcerations of mucous membranes ; of mouth with heat, tenderness, great thirst, etc., prevents child from nursing ; from dental plate in old people ; ulcers bleed easily, < touch, eating salty or sour food ; often assoc. diarrhoea of yellow or green stools day and night.

S. Functional urinary troubles in children ; urine frequent, scanty, hot, with burning, shooting pains causing child to scream before passing (Lyc., Sanic., Sars.).

6. Profuse, albuminous, leucorrhoea with sensation as of warm water flowing down ; erosions of os and cervix (internally and locally).

7. Unhealthy skin ; every injury suppurates ; nostrils crusty, inflamed ; tip of nose shining red. In young women hair becomes frowsy and tangled, splits ; ingrowing eyelashes, etc.

8. Stitching pains in various localities especially right chest on deep inspiration or coughing.

9. Wakes early a.m. and cannot fall asleep again for two hours owing to heat in whole body especially head ; child screams out in sleep as if frightened by dreams.

10. Modalities ; < damp. cold weather ; pains usually > pressure.

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