One of the many uses of this remedy is in the inherited complaints of children. The physician of long and active experience meets many obstinate cases in children. The infant soon emaciates and becomes marasmic, or a child becomes asthmatic, or suffers with vicious catarrh of nose or eyelid, or has ringworm on the scalp


The complaints of Phosphorus are most likely to arise in the feeble constitutions, such as have been born sick, grown up slender, and grown too rapidly. Its complaints are found in such as are emaciated, and in those who are rapidly emaciating; in children who are going into marasmus, and in persons who have in


It is said to be a very good medicine for women, for blondes, especially for tearful blondes . It is one of the polychrests and one of the medicines most frequently used, as well as often abused. The Pulsatilla patient is an interesting one, found in any household where there arc plenty of young girls.


The potencies prepared from Heath’s 3D of decomposed beef have been used by the author for many years against all forms of septic fever and sequelae, when the symptoms agree. Violent chill intermingled with heat and sweat, or dry heat with marked aching in the limbs; restlessness, > by motion and heat. The sore bruised


Sarsaparilla is suitable in low forms of chronic disease, especially in complex states resulting from mixed miasms; especially in cases of sycosis and syphilis; cases made complex by Mercury, sycosis, syphilis, and psora. Weakness stamps itself on the whole economy, as in Merc., Lach. and other remedies. The tissues become flabby, refuse to heal when


Senega is an old lung tonic, and I suspect it has been an ingredient in most of the lung medicines for the last one hundred years. It has been only partially proved, and needs further proving to bring out its particulars. When a medicine has been fully proved, it can be said of it that


The action of Silica is slow. In the proving, it takes a long time to develop the symptoms. It is, therefore, suited to complaints that develop slowly. At certain times of the year and under certain circumstances peculiar symptoms will come out. They may stay with the prover the balance of his life. Such are

Spongia tosta

The mental symptoms of Spongia show that it is a heart remedy. When a remedy produces the anxiety, fear, and dyspnea found in Spongia, it will most likely turn out to be a cardiac remedy, unless these conditions are connected with irritation and inflammatory diseases of the brain. In this drug we find without any

Sulphuric acid

The sensation of quivering all over the body and in the limbs without visible trembling is a very strong symptom of Sulphuric acid, and especially if it is associated with weakness that has been of long standing. The exhaustion, excitability and hurried feeling are constant factors. The hemorrhagic disposition with many complaints. Black fluid blood

Tuberculinum bovinum

I want to take up the study of Tuberculinum. The preparation which I use is a little different from that which is generally found in the market. This preparation I procured through a Professor of Veterinary Surgery. In Pennsylvania there came a time when a handsome herd of cattle had to be slaughtered because of