Fluoricum Acidum

1. Complaints of old age or prematurely old-looking persons, even children ; broken-down constitutions especially from abuse of alcohol or from mercurio-syphilitic dyscrasia. 2. Disposition to constant and rapid motion ; “seems as if she could walk for ever” 3. Bone diseases especially long bones ; caries with thin, excoriating discharge ; of mastoid process


1. Light-haired, irresolute persons of phlegmatic temperament ; often scrofulous or syphilitic. 2. Hypochondriasis ; indifferent to everything and everyone ; angry at trifles but soon sorry. 3. Vesicular and pustular eruptions, especially after vaccination ; copious exudation of thick pus over which tough scabs form ; appear especially about the face and head ;


1. Scrofulous or syphilitic subjects ; elderly persons. 2. Mental hypersensitiveness ; offended at trifles ; continual concern about the future ; peevishness, sometimes violent temper ; children petulantly push or throw away things for which they cried ; apathy, depression. 3. Ailments from mental emotions especially pride, envy, chagrin, indignation, unmerited insults, etc. 4.

Thuja Occidentalis

1. Fleshy persons ; dark, shiny, greasy complexion especially forehead ; black hair and unhealthy skin ; lymphatic temperament. Hydrogenoid constitution. 2. Depression even to melancholia ; dislikes company ; weary of life, peevish, quarrelsome ; loss of memory ; excitable, always in a hurry. Fantastic fixed ideas : (a) of strange person by his