Mercurius iodatus flavus

There are sore throats that especially call for the proto-iodide. When in sore throats the inflammation and pain predominantly affect the right side, and there is a tendency to remain on the right side, or if the Merc. state is present and the sore throat goes from right to left, it is the proto-iodide you

Nux vomica

Everywhere in this remedy we observe the striking oversensitiveness of the patient; it is brought out in all the symptoms. Irritable; oversensitive to noise, to light, to the least current of air, to his surrounding; extremely touchy in regard to his food; many kind of food disturb, strong food disturb; he is aggravated by meat;


VIPERA BERUS – The German Viper – (VIPERA) Viper poisoning causes a temporary increase in reflexes, paresis supervenes, a paraplegia of the lower extremities extending upwards. Resembles acute ascending paralysis of Landry (Wells). Has special action on kidneys and induces hæmaturia. Cardiac dropsy. Indicated in inflammation of veins with great swelling; bursting sensation. Enlargement of