Phosphoricum Acidum

1. Debilitated constitutions ; pale sickly complexion, eyes sunken and surrounded by blue rings. Young people who grow too fast. 2. Listlessness and apathy ; patient disinclined to talk ; stupefied by grief. 3. Great debility from long-continued, depressing emotional causes, after violent acute diseases or loss of vital fluids ; neurasthenia of sexual origin.


XANTOXYLUM FRAXINEUM – Prickly Ash – (XANTHOXYLUM) Its specific action is on the nervous system and mucous membranes. Paralysis, especially hemiplegia. Painful hæmorrhages, after-pains, neuralgic dysmenorrhœa, and rheumatic affections, offer a therapeutic field for this remedy, especially in patients of spare habit and nervous, delicate organization. Indigestion from over-eating or from too much fluid. Sluggish