REGION: VEINS. Blood. WORSE: LETTING LIMB HANG DOWN. Cold. Yearly. Touch. Bursting feeling. Hæmorrhagic tendency. ……………….. Epistaxis. Excruciating pain at epigastrium. Enlarged liver. Fulness and unbearable pain, as if limb would burst; must elevate parts; sits with feet high. Cramps in or blue lower limbs. Varicose veins or ulcers. Phlebitis. Goitre. Related: Elap.

Hamamelis Virginica

1. Venous congestions ; varicose veins and ulcers, phlebitis ; ecchymoses ; haemorrhoids bluish, bleeding, gen. without constipation. 2. Venous haemorrhages from any orifice ; flow dark gen. profuse. 3. Bruised soreness of affected parts ; even in rheumatism. 4. Wounds, especially incised or ragged ; relieves the pain and soreness. 5. Modalities ; <


VIPERA BERUS – The German Viper – (VIPERA) Viper poisoning causes a temporary increase in reflexes, paresis supervenes, a paraplegia of the lower extremities extending upwards. Resembles acute ascending paralysis of Landry (Wells). Has special action on kidneys and induces hæmaturia. Cardiac dropsy. Indicated in inflammation of veins with great swelling; bursting sensation. Enlargement of