Anacardium orientale

1. Persons of sedentary habits suffering from brain-fag ; nervous, hysterical women especially during pregnancy.

2. Mentals. Patients distressed by sudden loss of memory ; lacks self-confidence ; fears inability to “get through” (Arg. Nit., Lyc.) ; paradoxical temper laughs at serious matters, serious over laughable things ; great suspicion. Dual personality, as of two wills acting in opposition. Irresistible desire to curse and swear (Lac. Can., Lil. Tig., Nitr. Ac.).

3. Weakness of all the senses.

4. Neuralgic pains, dull, penetrating or pressing as from a. blunt instrument or plug.

5. Sense of constriction as of a hoop round the part (Cact.).

6. Gastric symptoms > while eating.

7. Ineffectual urging to stool.

8. Complaints prone to go from right to left.

9. Skin eruptions with excessive itching, similar to Rhus Tox.

10. Patient generally chilly ; < damp ; mental exertion ; all symptoms > while eating except cough.

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