One symptom of this remedy that has proved to be a valuable keynote for its administration is: “Sensation of coldness in the back, between the shoulders.” It is generally found in chest affections, such as cough or pains in the chest without cough.

I have found it as reliable a keynote as is the burning between the shoulders of Lycopodium or Phosphorus.

It is also a remedy for constipation, the stool being hard, dry and crumbling and also very difficult to expel. Sometimes the stool is covered with mucus, something like Causticum, which has stool covered with mucus, shining, as if greased.

There is also a resemblance between these two remedies affecting the muscles and ligaments. Ammonium mur. has pain with a sensation as if the muscles were contracted or too short, while Causticum goes a step further and has actual contraction of these parts, producing what is known as arthritis deformans. (Cimex, Nat. m.).

There are two remedies that have menses, or flow of blood from the uterus, at night. They are Ammonium mur. and Bovista, the other symptoms, of course, deciding the choice between them (Kreosot. menses flow only on lying down, cease when sitting or walking about; Lilium tig. flows only when moving about, ceased to flow when she ceased to walk; Magnesia carb. flows only at night or when lying, ceases when walking).

This remedy is also sometimes useful in sciatica. Here we have the sense of contraction in the tendons and the patient is worse while sitting, some better when walking and entirely relieved when lying down. It also has pains in the heels as if ulcerated. For pains in the heels see also Phytolacca, Cyclamen, Manganum, Ledum and Causticum.

I once cured a case, very severe and long lasting, with Valeriana.

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